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Covid-19 Updates

Oct 1: 

With Florida moving into Phase 3 we know there have been many questions about how this affects church operations. Here are a few updates;
  • Sunday Services: There are no immediate changes. Masks will still be required for church services and social distancing will still be enforced. In order to attend services, you still need to sign up weekly using the link above.
  • Gospel Kids: We are excited to announce that we are making plans to slowly begin opening up our Nursery and Children’s classrooms. Parents please check your emails, as you will be receiving important information we need your feedback on from Phoebe, our Children’s Director in the days ahead.
  • Small Groups: Group sizes are no longer limited to groups of 10 but instead by social distancing capacity for the meeting spaces.

June 16: 

Starting Sunday, June 21, we will start holding 10am Worship Services at the Rosarian Academy each Sunday. 

  • We will only allow a limited number of people to attend this service, and attenders must pre register. 
  • These services will live stream Sunday at 10am on our YouTube channel.
  • After the service on Sunday morning, the recorded video will remain on YouTube.

For more details, visit truthpoint.org/sundayservices.


May 21:

Truth Point Church will…

  • Continue Posting Weekly Recorded Worship Services
    Truth Point Church will continue to post recorded worship services on Sundays at 9 AM on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Offer In-Person Worship Gatherings At A Future Date
    At a date to be shared, we will offer in-person worship gatherings to non-vulnerable individuals and households.
  • Re-Open Church Offices by Appointment Only
    We have re-opened our church offices for scheduled appointments.


March 18: 

Following the CDC's recommendation, we will not be holding any physical gatherings of 10 or more people.

Until the pandemic restrictions are lifted, our current plan is to post our worship services online each Sunday morning at 9am. 

Instead of holding any physical gatherings outside of Sunday services, we will be using online video conferencing platforms. Community group leaders, committee chairpeople, and Bible studies will all continue to be held over these platforms.