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Sunday Services


Instead of gathering for worship on Sundays, we will be doing pre-recorded worship services each week and posting them on Sunday mornings at 9am. We will definitely be doing this on Sunday, March 22 & Sunday, March 29, and will probably continue this practice in the weeks following that. Stay tuned for more details on our Sunday worship services as we take safety precautions regarding the Coronavirus. 


equipping our members with the truth of the gospel so Christ will be shared across the street & around the world.

The heart of Jesus was full of compassion for the multitudes in need. We want to be a church that doesn't just see the physical and spiritual needs of the hurting, but also feels the needs in a way that moves us to care and serve well. Below are just some of the ways in which our church is seeking to alleviate suffering and provide the shalom of God in this world.


We seek the peace and good of our city. We long to see social and cultural renewal as we share the gospel and our lives with those around us. Beyond local efforts and events organized by our church, we prayerfully and financially assist individuals with material and non-material needs. We also partner with the following organizations:

Mercy Committee: Bud Fraga (chairman), Eric Blythe, Paulo Neuparth, Kim Neuparth, Rob Barnickel, Karen Barnickle, Chris Knorr, Lyndsey Morrell, Tabitha Meeks


Serve Our City exists to provide nonprofits with volunteers and resources from local churches. It is the platform we use to coordinate outreach and be the hands and feet of Jesus in the city of West Palm Beach.

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We are eager to advance the gospel nationally and internationally by supporting full-time missionaries as well as taking short term trips. PLEASE NOTE: Most of our full-time missionaries are working in areas where it is unsafe to provide their names, pictures or information. We respect the privacy and safety of these leaders. Therefore for more information, or to provide direct support, please email

Many of our short-term trips reach the needy and further the gospel through work projects, drama, sports, activities, preaching, relief work, prison ministry, evangelism, etc.. 

Missions Committee: Jaci Volmy (chairman), Clint Delaplane, Rocio Delaplane, Danny Turner, Lauren Turner, and Meredith Woolwine