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We exist to join God in pointing people to the truth of the gospel. This means exalting and explaining the truth of who God is for us in Jesus and how we are to live in response to that. Believing the gospel is not just the start of the Christian journey; it is the Christian journey. The gospel not only brings us in, it also builds us up. So it is our ongoing mission to point ourselves, our city and the world to the truth of who God is for us in Jesus and who we are in Him.


Our vision comes out of Paul’s conviction that the truth of the gospel “bears much fruit” (Col.1:6). And the “fruit” or result that we want to see is the glory of Jesus. So, as we stay true to our mission of pointing people to the truth of the gospel, we desire "to see our city and the world make much of Jesus." Our vision answers the two big questions: why and where? Why are we doing what we’re doing, and where is our church heading?

The reason we are pointing people to the truth of the gospel through corporate worship, intentional discipleship, community development, church planting, and international missions is so that our city and the world will make much of Jesus. Jesus called his disciples to bear witness about him starting in their city and reaching the world, and to see this vision become a reality, they were given the Holy Spirit who Jesus said was given, “to glorify him” (John 16:14). This is why the Apostle Paul said that he did all things so that “in everything Jesus would be preeminent” (Col.1:18), so that whether by life or death “Christ would be magnified” (Phil.1:20).

Therefore, we are striving to build a diverse community of mature Christ-followers who think and live in such a way that our individual lives, our families, and our work makes much of Jesus. By doing this, our hope and prayer is for the City of West Palm Beach and the rest of the world to see the beauty of Jesus and live under the Lordship of Christ in all of life.