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Pastoral Search Committee

This is our committee who will be leading our search for a new pastor. They can be contacted at If you have a candidate you think might be a good fit for our next senior pastor, please submit your nomination to us!

Nominate a Candidate

Prayer Guide

Please pray with us using this prayer guide as we search for our next lead pastor.

Pastoral Search Updates

  1. Update 1: October 2020

Pastoral Search Process

(Current step shown in red.) 

Phase 1: Transition (Completed)

☑ Elders selected and hired Dr. Tim Sansbury to serve as Interim Pastor.

*Note: The interim pastor is not a candidate for the lead pastor position. This allows for a healthier transition from the previous pastor to the next pastor.*

Phase 2: Preparation (In Progress)

☑ Elders conducted survey of members to evaluate strengths, weaknesses and goals.

☑ Elders selected and hired McGowan and Associates as the Search Firm.

☑ Members nominate potential committee members by downloading the nomination form.

☑ Search Firm conducts “Discovery Weekend” to create a Church and Pastor Profile.

☑ Members vote to approve committee members at a virtual congregational meeting.

☐ Search Committee—with assistance of the Search Firm—reviews and refines Church and Pastor Profile.

☐ Search Firm coaches the Search Committee on strategy and committee activities.

Phase 3: Collection

☐ Search Firm Assists the Search Committee in designing and implement a collection process and overall committee strategy.

☐ Search Firm gathers and screens potential candidates, presents 8-12 “A” candidates to Search Committee.

Phase 4: Evaluation

☐ Search Committee reviews sermons, gifting profiles, references; and conducts remote interviews for candidates.

☐ Search Committee ranks candidates and narrows field to no more than three finalists.

Phase 5: Selection

☐ Search Committee asks for churchwide prayer for interview of finalists.

☐ Search Committee visits each candidate to hear preaching in local church, evaluate feel of local service, and interview candidate, spouse and family.

☐ Search Committee votes to select final recommended candidate.

☐ Search Committee arranges public visit with Recommended Candidate, including introduction to TPC congregation, delivery of sermon, interviews with TPC leaders.

*Note: Travel plans to see candidates and to have candidates see TPC may be modified due to CoVID and Search Firm recommendations.*

Phase 6: Completion

☐ Search Committee distributes final committee report and recommendation to congregation.

☐ Members vote to call the Recommended Candidate at a CongregationalMeeting.

☐ Presbytery confirms the Called Candidate.

☐ Presbytery installs the Called Candidate as the new Senior Pastor of Truth Point Church.



Please note the Search Firm will assist the Search Committee throughout the search process and may suggest changes in some steps of the anticipated steps outlined above.