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The purpose of this page is to provide Christ-centered, gospel-driven resources to help inspire and equip God's people to grow in their understanding of the gospel and God's Word in order to further our walk with Christ.

On Faith and the Workplace

Wondering how your Sunday connects to your Monday? Check out many good articles and resources at The Theology of Work Project 

On the Gospel

"The Centrality of the Gospel" by Timothy Keller

"The Gospel: The Key to Change" by Timothy Keller

"Why the Cross Matters" By Chris Tomlinson 

"No Condemnation Living" by Jeremy McKeen

"Gospel-Partner Worksheet" by Jeremy McKeen

"True Spirituality" by Steve Childers

"The Law & the Gospel" by Michael Horton

On Studying the Bible 

Book by Book Reading Plan - An effective Bible reading plan that approaches the bible thematically and at your own pace.

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan (pdf) – NavPress has a very helpful plan to keep us on track of reading through the Bible each year. Each day you will read 4 sections of Scripture with some extra free days at the end of each month.

M'Cheyne's Bible Reading Plan (pdf) - This is another helpful plan to read the Bible in a year

A.B.I.D.E -Devotional Guide (pdf) This is an intentional guide for your personal Bible reading time developed to help foster a gospel-centered connection between God's Word and our lives. 

How to Personally Know the Plot of the Bible (video) This is a panel discussion filmed at the Gospel Coalition conference. It's well worth the time to view it.

The Story Line of the Bible -by Bruce Waltke. This is a simple summary of the Bible's story line. 

"They Speak of Me" Part 1 (Where Do I Meet God?) - This is a guide to seeing the glory of Jesus revealed in John's Gospel. 

On The Doctrines of Grace

What Difference Does it Make? by Mark Webb

On Prayer 

Seven Habits of Effective Prayer by Jeremy McKeen

On Defending Christianity  

God and Evil by Jeremy McKeen 

On the Sacraments

The Lord's Supper

"The Lord's Supper" by Jeremy McKeen


"Baptism" by Francis Schaeffer 

"Re-thinking Baptism" by Michael Horton

"Let the Little Children Come to Me" by Jeremy McKeen