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The Gospel Ministry

Posted by Jeremy McKeen on

Over the past decade there has been a great resurgence of the gospel in church ministry. As one writer put it, “There has been an explosion of gospel-centeredness.” On the whole, this is a very encouraging development. And yet there’s a danger that the word “gospel&rdquo...

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Enjoy Your Life!

Posted by Jeremy McKeen on

Does Christianity take the fun out of life? There are some people who tend to think so. They have this idea that following Jesus means the end of joy, rather than the beginning of joy. In their opinion, the God of Christianity is sort of a harsh cosmic killjoy, just trying to keep people from...

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Tags: enjoying life, life, pleasure, the gospel

A Good Friday Poem

Posted by Tom Brown on

Darkened was the day, the whole earth shaken That we should be forgiven, the Holy One forsaken Blood spilt to cleanse, blood to set free, He can take your sin, or you can take his tree.

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