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Sunday Services

This Sunday, October 20, join us Sundays at 9am and 11am for our worship services at the Rosarian Academy  (807 N Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401).

TPC Blog

When the Lord is Quiet

Posted by Meredith Woolwine on

Every teacher knows the importance of “wait-time,” the educational process of a teacher posing a question and waiting for the students’ responses. Often this wait-time can feel uncomfortable—insecurities may slip in the mind of both the teacher and student, and there may...

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Tags: lord, quiet

What is My Purpose in Life?

Posted by Clint Delaplane on

Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? I remember hoping that I was made for some greater purpose but also being frustrated because I had no idea what that greater purpose was. Unfortunately, without a clear sense of higher purpose I felt empty, unimportant, and ultimately like...

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Tags: life, purpose