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TPC Blog

Overcoming Sexual Temptation

Posted by Jeremy McKeen on

Sexual temptation is a tremendously difficult trap to overcome, but it is possible to overcome. Did you catch that? It is possible to overcome! Jesus Christ didn’t just die on the cross and rise again to remove the penalty of sin but to remove the power and practice of sin. Jesus died to...

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Too Far Gone

Posted by Tom Brown on

I have met many people in my life who felt as though the sins they had committed were too many to be forgiven, too dirty to be cleansed. Many of these people were attenders of a local church; with no hesitation they would have been lumped into the title, “Christian.” But when it...

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"Shh! No One Will Ever Know"

Posted by Tom Brown on

Have you ever thought to yourself, "What's the big deal? No one will ever know." Or maybe you have been with some friends and as someone was having second thoughts about a questionable activity the ring-leader snapped, "Shh! No one is going to find out anyway. Just keep quiet!" Most of us have...

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