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Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Phoebe Greenberg & Brooke Smith on


To Moms & Mom Fans,

With Mother’s Day upon us and being mothers ourselves, we wanted to take a moment to ask; How should the church respond to Mother’s Day, especially in the midst of a pandemic? Mother’s Day is a time for us all to intentionally think about our mothers and about motherhood. Whether you are a mother yourself, a mother in waiting, or you are reflecting on your relationship with your own mother or mother figures, we want to encourage you to think of motherhood in light of the timeless truths of the gospel.

We need to take into account that mothers fail each and every day to meet the requirements of our holy and perfect God. The truth is, all mothers are imperfect, desperate and deficient in fulfilling all that their role demands. However, even in our brokenness and lacking, Christ lived the perfect life. He died so that we may be free from the demands of the law. Motherhood can only be rightly understood and appreciated when viewed through the lens of the gospel. Because of God’s grace, we can place our hope in our perfect Savior and not in perfect mothering.

And so, as we are considering our moms or as we are considering our own motherhood, let’s do so in Christ. How are you facing Mother’s Day today? Maybe you dread this day because of waiting or loss. Perhaps it brings pain because of strained relationships. Or maybe you have been longing for this day in order to get a much needed break as you struggle through the strange circumstances of the world today. Wherever you find yourself, we encourage you to truly enjoy today, but enjoy this day satisfied in Christ. He gives us perfect comfort in all our challenges in the face of motherhood. May we look to our mothers with grace and wish them peace, and may we enjoy motherhood encouraged in our Lord.

For our TPC moms, although they cannot replace the side-by-side and face-to-face community we are all longing for in this season, we have gathered this list of gospel-based resources to encourage and equip you for the days ahead:



Prayer Guide

Short Essays


Know that we are praying for and celebrating our Truth Point mothers today!