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Sunday Services

Starting June 21, we will resume holding one 10am Worship Service at the Rosarian Academy each Sunday. We will only allow 85 people to attend each Sunday, and you must reserve your spot online. A list of our social distancing operating procedures is outlined below:

Re-Opening Procedures for Live-Services with Live-Streaming

Safety: The safety and well-being of our members is paramount. During the reestablishment of worship services, the social distancing requirements of the CDC, state and local authorities will be followed.

Signup: Seating will be limited due to social distancing requirements. Eighty-five congregants will be able to sign up online to attend. The signup will include electronically signing a waiver as required by the Rosarian Academy, our host. Those not signed up may not enter the building on Sunday.

  • At-Risk Individuals: TPC is asking at-risk individuals to continue to restrict themselves from community worship in compliance with the stated policies of the local, state, and federal government. Guidelines for understanding who is at risk can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/groups-at-higher-risk.html.
  • Children: Families are asked to realistically evaluate their child(ren)’s ability to conform to social-distancing requirements, and to understand normal child-care offerings are not possible with current social-distancing regulations. There will be no nursery or children’s ministry classes at this time.

Building Use: Only the theater lobby, theater lobby bathrooms, and theater will be used. There is to be no congregating in the lobby. The main building lobby will be sealed off and not used.

  • Entry and Exit: Entry and exit to the theater will through the main theater entrance doors only. Entrance will start at 9:30am and doors will be closed at 10am. Masks are required.
  • Seating: Every other row of seats in the theater will be roped off. There are to be 3 open seats between family or friend groups.  Upon entering, attendees will be guided to their seats by ushers, filling the front rows first. At the end of the service, rows will be dismissed one at a time from the back first.

Not Available/ Not Provided: Nursery and Sunday school classes will not be provided. There are no changing tables in the bathrooms. Drinking fountains will be turned off. Coffee will not be provided. Communion will not be served. Communion will not be served.

Patience And Love: We understand we cannot meet everyone’s hopes, needs, and expectations. A limited return to services can cause division between members, or between the church and the community. The TPC family needs to be ready to embrace imperfect decisions in an imperfect situation. Some will think that the church is being too stringent and others that it is not stringent enough. Please be patient and loving.

TPC Blog

"Jack", The Jewish Chiropractor

Posted by Jeremy McKeen on

Several months ago, Lindsay and I and our dear friends, Ron and Connie, met a man outside Panera who made me realize just how much I need to learn about evangelism. Let's call him "Jack."

Jack, was a self-professed, part-time Jew who cracks backs for a living and couldn't help overhearing our conversation we were having outside about hell (ya know, just your typical 'Friday night conversation'). Well, we noticed him, noticing us and we began talking to him and invited him to pull up a chair. He had much to talk about, but it was what he wouldn't talk about that continued to frustrate me.

Everytime we began to address such topics as God, Sin, Christ, Truth, the Bible, etc., Jack would dodge the subject and dart down a different path. This became very frustrating, but we all did our best to speak lovingly and openly about such things, yet with conviction. We spent approximately 45 mintues trying to maintain a logical conversation, but to no avail.

We shared as much as we could, trying to share the gospel through any crack in the conversation we could find. Ultimately, Jack was satisfied in experiencing God in many ways and not taking "the easy way out" as he called it, in identifying with Christ. In his words, "we agreed to disagree," but ended shaking hands, exchanging business cards, and committing to pray for him.

Here's a few things that I learned as we walked away from an otherwise frustrating conversation:

1) Evangelism is First, a Proclamation

Before we said goodnight, after we had parted ways with Jack, the four of us (Ron, Connie, Lindsay and myself) prayed and thanked God that he would grant us the opportunity to bear witness and proclaim Jesus Christ as the only Lord, God, and Savior. Evangelism is extremely frustrating if we only view it in terms of invitation. It is first, a proclamation of who Christ is and what he has done to save sinners. The Spirit of God does the converting. Our work is the communicating.

2) Steering the Course is more important the Staying the Course.

In our effort to stay the course and spend time learning more about Jack and the things he had to say, we lost ground by not steering the course of the conversation back to the questions that he wouldn't answer and the topics that he didn't want to discuss. When it comes to conversations, some people are clever and some people are logical. Jack was very clever. When we speak with the "Jacks", we must remember that evangelism is most effective when we focus on the direction of the conversation more than the duration.

3) Always Seek to End on a Prayerful and Postitive Note

Although we can't confuse love with being softspoken about Christ, it's also true that we should try not to leave a conversation with an attitude of anger and hostility. An effective goodbye is more than just agreeing to disagree at the end of the conversation. It's expressing a thankfulness to the person for taking the time to talk and asking how we might pray for them.

Pray for our friend, the Jewish Chiropractor, and all those who are seeking to be faithful and better witnesses in proclaiming God's Truth about God's Son to a world that desperately needs him.

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