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Legalism Vs. Gospel

Posted by Jeremy McKeen on

In the beginning of Paul’s final remarks in the book of Ephesians, he calls the church to fight and stand against the spiritual forces of evil that are unseen but very much real. And like any good military general, Paul calls us to be strong, but he distinguishes where we get that strength, which can really be a distinction between religion and gospel. “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.” 

  • Legalism says, "First be strong for the Lord, but the Gospel says, "The Lord was first strong for you."
  • Legalism says, "Be strong to get God’s might," but the Gospel says, "Be strong in God’s might."
  • Legalism says, "Your life for God," but the Gospel says, "God’s life for you."
  • Legalism says, "Give your righteousness to God," but the Gospel says, "God gives His righteousness to you."
  • Legalism says, "God’s strength is something we must earn," but the Gospel says, "God’s strength is something we must receive."
  • Legalism says, "First offer to God your best," but the Gospel says, "God first offers His Best to you."
  • Legalism says, "You must be strong like God for others," but the gospel says, "God became weak for you."

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