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Limited Atonement

Posted by Tom Brown on

A Brief Explanation:
This series of poems aims to capture the truth and beauty of God’s sovereign grace in the salvation of his people. From beginning to end, God alone is the Author and Perfecter of salvation. Before man ever chooses God, God himself chooses man according to the riches of his mercy, pardoning his sin and granting him what he does not deserve.


Limited Atonement

The cross was not a gamble,
It was due penalty paid in full,
Freeing the elect from judgment,
While upholding God’s righteous rule.

Not a moment of Christ’s life was wasted,
Nor a drop of his blood shed in vain,
But for they who were mercifully chosen,
The holy Lamb of God was slain.

His blood was spilt in plenty,
Yet not for the sins of all,
But for all the sins of those destined,
To respond to the Spirit’s call.

Salvation has been accomplished,
God’s wrath wholly satisfied,
Jesus did not die for a stranger,
Our King died to save his bride.