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Searching For Meaning

Posted by Tom Brown on

Do you ever experience a looming inner melancholy? A thirst of the soul to understand why you are alive and what this world is all about? Do you find it hard to connect the daily activity of your life to the love for God you hold in your heart? It may seem strange at first, but the place to start dealing with this pervasive struggle is not through fervent self-discovery, exotic world travel,  a change of relationship, or a new career. In order to rightly answer the questions of personal significance, meaning, and calling we must first answer the question of the ultimate purpose for everything that has been made. What I mean is, before we can answer the questions of what our lives are meant to be or where we belong in this vast and immeasurable universe, we must first discover the purpose of God upon which the course of all things runs.

Our individual lives are only a small piece in the grand puzzle of God’s sovereign will. If we don’t understand the big picture of the whole puzzle, we will have no idea where or how we fit into it. So I ask you, do you know what God is doing in this world? Do you understand his plans for what he has made? Do you grasp the story he is telling as it has been revealed in the Scriptures? If not, it is no wonder that you find it impossible to connect the faith of your heart to the work of your life.

I encourage you to dig deep into the Scriptures and seek the help of a mature christian in finding the answers to these very important questions. The deep sense of peace and purpose that you long for will not be found through a greater discovery of yourself, but through a greater discovery of the one who knit you together according to his perfect and purposeful design. The way we come to understand the course of history is by realizing that it is all His story.

What on earth is God up to in this world?

I hope you will dare to dive into the Scriptures and find the answer.

“…All things were created through him and for him.” (Colossians 1:16)